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The Dunn Lab is in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Yale University.

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We study how evolution has produced a diversity of life. We are interested in learning about the actual history of life on Earth as well as the general properties of evolution that have contributed to these historical patterns. The type of questions we ask require field (marine), laboratory, and computational work. Our research falls into several domains.

CreatureCast - How Siphonophores Grow. A CreatureCast animation by Riley Thompson that explains some of what we have learned about how siphonophores grow. See our medium post for more.

  • Siphonophores

    Siphonophores are unique marine animals found throughout the oceans of the world. They are colonial - each siphonophore starts as a single embryo that asexually produces many genetically identical, physiologically integrated bodies. The many bodies in a siphonophore are each specialized for particular functions, such as feeding or swimming. We study the morphology, evolution, and development of siphonophores to understand this unique functional specialization.

  • Animal phylogenetics

    Phylogenetics is the study of evolutionary relationships. We develop new methods and tools for understanding phylogenetic relationships, and apply these tools to animals to understand the evolution of complex traits. We are particularly interested in deep animal phylogeny, but also work on subgroups of animals including cnidarians and molluscs.

  • Methods and tools

    Many of the questions we are work on require new computational methods and tools. We develop and implement new methods, connect existing analysis tools in new ways, and are particularly interested in engineering analyses so that they are open, transparent, reproducible, and easy to extend. Our data analysis tools are available at bitbucket.

  • Evolution of gene expression

    We sequence transcriptomes to build phylogenies and to identify genes that are differentially expressed between tissues and developmental stages. We have integrated these two approaches to now study the evolution of differential gene expression. This work provides new ways to understand the relationships between genome and phenotype evolution.

  • Zoology

    In addition to the specific domains highlighted above, we are very interested in the basic biology of animals. Since many of the animals we work on are so poorly known, these studies include descriptions of lifecycles, natural history, development, alpha taxonomy, functional biology, and morphology.


Lab members

Osborn Memorial Labs, Yale, September 2017.

Casey Dunn

Principal Investigator

My CV is available here.

Sam Church


Evo-devo, focusing on comparative methods for high-dimensional data. Phylogenetics, bioinformatics, and data viz.

Jasmine Mah

Graduate Student

Cell type evolution, origin and evolution of complex characters, gene-phenotype relationships.

Lauren Mellenthin

Graduate Student

Evolutionary origins of mesoglea and functional morphology of siphonophore nectophores.

Namrata Ahuja

Graduate Student

Evo-devo of novel structures/cells and body plan formation in siphonophores. Embryology, gene expression, morphology.

Dalila Destanovic

Graduate Student

Evolution of marine invertebrates, comparative genomics, and 3D genome organization.

Dennis Pilarczyk

Lab Associate

Life, evolution, and everything

Natasha Picciani (alum 2022)


Evolution of complex traits, including vision and life stages. Phylogenetics, gene expression, morphology. My site.

Kirstin Dion (alum 2022)

Research Assistant

Genomes, animals, and populations

Alex Damian Serrano (alum 2021)

Graduate Student

Evolution and diversification of trophic niches and predatory strategies in siphonophores.

Reza Bergmann (alum 2021)

Undergraduate Student

Robotics for marine natural history observations

Cat Munro (alum 2018)

Graduate Student

Evolution and development of functional specialization in siphonophores.

August Guang (alum)

Graduate Student

Evolutionary processes, applied math. Phylogenetic algorithms and ßaccuracy of their results.

Mark Howison (alum)

Application Scientist

As an application scientist, I help researchers better utilize high performance computing resources.

Cat Luria (alum, 2016)

Graduate Student

Bacterial community structure in Antarctica.

Zack Lewis (alum, 2020)


The evolution of development, organogenesis, and gene-phenotype relationships. My site.

Yuanning Li (alum, 2019)


Using HIV phylogenetics to better understand transmission networks.

Felipe Zapata (alum, 2016)


Phylogenetics, diversity, and computational biology. I am a botanist, but enjoy animals too. My site.

Stefan Siebert (alum, 2015)


The developmental biology and diversity of hydrozoans (Cnidaria).

Rebecca Helm (alum, 2015)

Graduate Student

Evolution of development in cnidarians, as well as their systematics and natural history. My site, my contributions to Deep Sea News.

Tarek Ziad (alum, 2020)

Undergraduate Student

Body plan development and axial patterning in Hydractinia

Sam Church (alum, 2015)

Undergrad Student

Comparative biology, phylogenetics, and developmental biology.

Nicola Malakooti (alum, 2016)

Undergraduate Student

Comparative biology with additional interests in conservation. Inspired by the diversity of life.


Some projects and resources

Practical Computing

A book about computing skills


Cartoons about science

Open Content

Images, code, teaching resources


A site about siphonophores


A phylogenetics tool

Yale EEB

Our home department


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